Microsoft Technology Associate

Microsoft technology Associate

Microsoft Technolgy Associate: Network Fundamentals

Microsoft Technolgy Associate: Network Fundamentals

Understanding Network Infrastructures

  • Understand the concepts of Internet, intranet, and extranet.
  • Understand local area networks (LANs)
  • Understand wide area betworks (WANs)
  • Understand wireless networking.
  • Understand network topologies and access methods.

Understanding Network Hardware

  • Understand switches.
  • Understand routers.
  • Understand media types.

Understanding Protocols and Services

  • Understand the OSI model.
  • Understand IPv4.
  • Understand IPv6.
  • Understand names resolution.
  • Understand networking services.
  • Understand TCP/IP.

Microsoft Technolgy Associate: Security Fundamentals

Microsoft Technolgy Associate: Security Fundamentals

Understanding Security Layers

  • Understand core security principles.
  • Understand physical security.
  • Understand Internet security.
  • Understand wireless security.

Understanding Operating System Security

  • Understand user authentication
  • Understand permissions.
  • Understand password policies.
  • Understand audit policies.
  • Understand encryption.
  • Understand malware

Understanding Network Security

  • Understand dedicated firewalls.
  • Understand Network Access Protection (NAP).
  • Understand network isolation.
  • Understand protocol security.

Understanding Security Software

  • Understand client protection.
  • Understand e-mail protection.
  • Understand server protection.

Microsoft Technolgy Associate: Windows Server Fundamentals

Microsoft Technolgy Associate: Windows Server Fundamentals

Understanding Server Installation

  • Understand device drivers.
  • Understand services.
  • Understand server installation options.

Understanding Server Roles

  • Identify application servers.
  • Understand Web services.
  • Understand remote access.
  • Understand the file and print services.
  • Understand server virtualization.

Understanding Active Directory

  • Understand accounts and groups.
  • Understand organizational units and containers.
  • Understand Active Directory infrastructure.
  • Understand group policy.

Understanding Storage

  • Identify storage technologies.
  • Understand RAID.
  • Understand disk types.

Understanding Server Performance Management

  • Identify major server hardware components.
  • Understand performance monitoring.

Understanding Server Maintenance

  • Identify steps in the startup process.
  • Understand business continuity.
  • Understand updates.
  • Understand troubleshooting methodology.